Beautiful and Functional Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Beautifying One Yard at a Time

Whether you’re into arts and crafts, gardening, or interior design, your front yard is your showcase. You can use your front yard to create a unique and beautiful landscape that will fit your personality and lifestyle. By doing so, you can also increase your home’s value and create a more functional space for you to do what you like. Here are beautiful front yard landscape ideas you can try:

Water Features

Water features are one of the most popular landscaping ideas for front yards because they are beautiful, functional, and add value to your property. Having water features in your front yard can increase your property’s resale value. It can also create a relaxing atmosphere that will make your front yard more beautiful. You can build a large pond in your front yard. Or you can build an ornamental fountain that will give off soothing sounds when you turn on the water.

Bird Baths

Another beautiful landscaping idea for your front yard is to plant birdhouses or birdbaths to attract birds in your yard. Birds will bring beauty to your yard and the feeding of birds will attract other wildlife in your residential area. You can also place a birdbath in your front yard to attract water birds in your residential area.


Like how grass grows, plants will also need to be trimmed regularly. You can use decorative or durable stone, brick, or concrete edging to define the shape of your front yard. By doing so, you can create a uniform look for your front yard and prevent the growth of weeds in your front yard.

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