Yard Landscaping Specialist in Sarasota FL – Questions & Answers

Younkman's Bamboo Gardens Inc. offers professional outdoor landscape design and installation services. We receive many questions regarding our work, and on this page, we would like to share just a few of them with you. Read the answers we have given to get more information about Younkman's Bamboo Gardens Inc. and our work. Feel free to contact our team in Sarasota, FL if you have questions that are still not answered. We will be happy to address your needs!


Q: Do I need a front yard landscape plan? Can’t I just show you a picture from a magazine and have you build something similar?

A: Good question. It is a fact that the #1 reason gardens fail to thrive, lack of planning. There are many reasons why it is worth investing in a plan: projects that have been planned always turn out better, also homeowners get unique, custom designs tailored to meet their needs. With our landscaping contractor by your side, you have access to our advanced knowledge, graphic, and design skills.


Q: What is a front yard landscaping plan?

A: A plan is a visual design document that shows the overall layout of the landscaped area and the locations of the plants and other elements. It is a vital and necessary communication tool. With a plan, there is no room for open interpretation or ambiguity. In a nutshell, you are guaranteed to get outstanding results.


Q: I have never hired a company before. How does the design process work? How long it will take?

A: The process of designing your yard is pretty straightforward. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, it usually takes a few weeks. After you sign a contract with our designer, and we have discussed your needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget range, then we will begin the design process. We will start with conceptual design, continue with a final design, and once you agree to the proposals, we will get the construction documents and start working shortly after that.


Q: Out of all the landscaping companies out there, why should I choose you?

A: Thank you for asking. True, there are many good designers out there, many seemingly offer the same services. What sets us apart from the rest is our single point of contact, attention to detail, and unmatched quality and delivery; our unwavering commitment to customer service and clear communication with the client. Our reputation means everything to us, and we work very hard to keep people happy.


Q: I’ve killed every flower I have ever owned. What happens if my new garden dies?

A: A garden is only as successful as its maintenance program. As professionals in yard landscaping, we can suggest plans for the new gardens we create. We are also expert plant installers and horticulturists so you can be certain the upfront plant selection and planting follows industry standards.


Q: I plan to sell my property in the next few years. I want to make effective improvements for the maximum selling price. I thought about remodeling, but a friend of mine suggested an outdoor landscape design installation. What do you think?

A: If you always wanted a new kitchen or bathroom, then do it. Beautiful homes are a great asset and hold more value on the market. However, we agree with your friend, and so does the marketplace. Besides the personal enjoyment you get from a prettier outdoors, landscaping adds more value to a property than almost any other construction project.


Q: We have a strict budget. Can you help us anyway?

A: Yes, our professionals will work with you in phases if necessary. Any of our projects are completed incrementally. Not only will we tailor a service that will be within your budget, but if during the work you have to stop the project for a while, we will not mind. We can split the project up, for example, design & cost analysis; and demolition & Infrastructure; construction work, and so on.


Want to learn more about Younkman's Bamboo Gardens Inc.? Or do you have questions that you would like to ask our landscapers in Sarasota, FL? If so, call us at (941) 216-1788 right now. We expect to hear from you soon!

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